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Do you want to find out how you can get our smart and affordable solutions for clean water in your community? Or would you like to share your ideas? Don’t hesitate to call or mail us at any time. We are glad to be of assistance.

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Smart technologies

We supplied our first drinking water production plants in the 1970s. The technologies we use are widely known and have a well proven performance. Dutch Clean Tech has upgraded the designs based on the latest developments in the field of smart solutions and intuitive maintenance.

Low operating costs
We make complex processes accessible with easy to operate equipment. Moreover, the processes and the equipment are all optimized to use as less energy and other consumables as possible. Our sewage treatment plants, for example, use up to 30% less energy than conventional designs.

We offer a product line-up with low operating and maintenance cost, so we keep our services affordable!

Efficient smart technologies 
All our installations are connected to the internet, the so-called ‘Internet of Things’. This allows us to monitor and control the plants remotely. That’s efficient. We also use sensors that can detect equipment failures before they occur. We call this intuitive maintenance and this helps to reduce unexpected situations.

Advantages of our smart technologies

Dutch Clean Tech smart technologies

Also in remote areas it is possible for us to make your clean water solution smart, which means, connected to the Internet. Satellite Internet offers a good connection in most remote areas.  

Dutch Clean Tech establishes a local organization in every country where we are active. Often together with local business partners. This organization employs and trains the local operators, who take care of daily operating routine and maintenance. So, we have boots on the ground and we provide jobs.

This depends on the size of your community and what kind of infrastructure is present at the location. We can connect communities of up to 20,000 persons within six months after contract date. For larger cities we need a year.

That is no problem. We can provide the infrastructure in the form of a piping network and pumping stations. We include the cost in the fixed monthly fee. We work together with local contractors to realize these kind of projects, thus contributing to the local economy.