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If you want more technical info you can also download here the brochure about our sanitary solutions.

Interested in more info?

If you want more technical info you can also download here the brochure about our sanitary solutions.

Sanitary solutions

Sanitary solutions are important to prevent pollution of rivers, lakes and seas. Places where people come to relax, swim and wash. Right now, 80% of all industrial and municipal wastewater is discharged untreated.

Integrated solutions
Integrated sanitary solutions encompass connecting homes to the local sewage network, the local sewage treatment plant and reuse of treated water. 

Sewage is usually treated by means of ‘biological’ treatment plants, also known as activated sludge treatment plants. This type of plant consists of tanks or basins, partly filled with sludge.

Sludge and wastewater
Wastewater is added to the tanks and mixed with the sludge. The sludge itself consists of microorganisms, or bacteria. The idea is that the bacteria consume the pollution load. To enable them to eat, they need oxygen. This is supplied by blowers through an aeration grid.

Because of special processes, biological treatment plants are perfect for removing organic matter, nitrates and phosphorus from wastewater. 

Advantages of our sanitary solution

Dutch Clean Tech - sanitary solutions

Our sewage treatment plants are based on the SBR, or Sequencing Batch Reactor, technology. This type of plant offers several important advantages as compared to the traditional continuous treatment plants, in the field of energy consumption and amount of waste sludge.

We believe in a local approach for our sanitary solutions. This offers important advantages. First, no large and complicated infrastructure is required. Secondly, treated water can be immediately reused for irrigation, for instance. And last but not least, we can quickly scale up to keep in line with local developments. 

Each city area, village or industrial estate should have a dedicated treatment plant and infrastructure. Dutch Clean Tech makes this possible with today’s technologies and empowers communities.

We have developed standard sizes for our drinking water production and sewage treatment plants:
• 5,000 inhabitants
• 10,000 inhabitants
• 20,000 inhabitants
• 50,000 inhabitants
• 100,000 inhabitants

Because of the modular design, we can quickly scale up the capacity. Ask for the possibilities for your community.

As a basis we use well-known techniques and processes that have been proven in practice over decades. We combine these well-known technologies with innovative and smart solutions to make them state-of-the-art.