What can we do for your community?

Do you want to find out how you can get our smart and affordable solutions for clean water in your community? Or would you like to share your ideas? Don’t hesitate to call or mail us at any time. We are glad to be of assistance.

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Our way of working

We roll out our business model from country to country, because we have to establish a local operation and maintenance hub before we can serve communities. The local companies are called ‘Dutch Clean Tech Operation and Maintenance’ and employ our operators and maintenance staff. Moreover, we make sure to have sufficient stock of spare parts. The local companies can be either a 100% subsidiary of Dutch Clean Tech or a Joint Venture with one or more local partners.

Please get in touch with us if we are active in your country already. If we are, we are more than happy to welcome new communities.

Our way of working in a few steps

First, we visit you and together we assess how we can implement our smart clean water solutions in your community. We need to find out the nearest raw water source and we have to understand what infrastructure is in place already, if any.

Once we know the exact scope of work, the project can start. We determine which parts and equipment is supplied by Dutch Clean Tech and what materials can be sourced locally. Usually, we supply between 20 and 50 percent of the equipment from The Netherlands, mainly skimmers, pumps, blowers, valves and instrumentation. The rest of the work, like steel tanks, piping, concrete works and site installation, is carried out by local companies. This is good for local economies, of course.

Next, we establish a dedicated company, also called an SPV or Special Purpose Vehicle. All SPVs are called ‘Dutch Clean Tech Water Fund’. The Water Fund will provide the finance for your project, orders all equipment and hires a local contractor to build the plant. Dutch Clean Tech is responsible for the complete design, engineering and project management of your smart clean water solution.

The SPV remains the owner of the plant.

Stimulating local economy and creating jobs

Once the plant is ready to be commissioned, our local company hires the operators and supporting staff, preferably from your community. They will be responsible for the day-to-day operation. Of course, we take care of education and training of our local employees. After that, they are fully prepared to take care of the smart clean water solution for your community. 

The local company invoices the agreed monthly fee to the relevant government authority. That money is used to pay all local costs, such as salaries, electricity, other consumables and the rent to the SPV.

6 steps to your clean water solutions

Dutch Clean Tech-our way of working