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Restore natural water balance

Why do we need to restore the natural water balance? According to the United Nations, by 2030 the global water deficit will be 40%. That is because the water balance has become disrupted. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. Pumping up groundwater
    People are pumping up groundwater at an unprecedented rate for agriculture, industrial and municipal use. They are rapidly depleting the underground aquifers and turning the land into hard and dry soil.
  2. Discharge of wastewater
    In addition, 80% of all industrial and municipal wastewater is discharged without any treatment, polluting surface water and seas. This makes it harder to produce drinking water from these sources.
  3. Inefficient irrigation
    In many countries irrigation is not efficient. Too much water evaporates for instance. And excess water is not caught in ditches and canals, but just flows away.
The need to restore the water balance

We need to restore the natural water balance. We need to stop pumping up groundwater. Instead, we need to use surface water for potable water, irrigation and industrial use. Wastewater must be properly treated and discharged into fresh water sources, not into the sea. That way, we can restore the surface water balance.

Re-use treated wastewater

Where possible, we need to re-use treated wastewater as much as we can. For instance, for irrigation, and even to produce potable water.
Irrigation must be done efficiently with a focus on not wasting valuable water. Excess water should be intercepted and stored in fresh water basins.
Dutch Clean Tech wants to contribute to restoring the water balance.

Why restore the natural water balance?

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