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Drinking water solutions

There are different kinds of solutions to produce drinking water. Generally, drinking water is produced from groundwater, seawater or surface water. We will explain what the advantages and disadvantages of these drinking water solutions are. And, of course, which solution Dutch Clean Tech offers.

Groundwater is easily accessible and the technologies to treat it to produce drinking water are well known. Calcium, magnesium, iron and colloidal particles need to be removed by oxidation, chemical dosing, precipitation and sand filtration.

Groundwater can be a serious environmental problem
However, pumping up groundwater has become a serious environmental problem, because people are depleting the underground aquifers at an unsustainable rate.

This is mainly caused by a growing global population and an increasing agricultural and industrial demand for water. Once the aquifers are depleted, the land sinks in, making the soil hard and dry. The aquifers disappear and will not come back.

Seawater as drinking water
Seawater is a good source for potable water, especially in areas where fresh surface water is not available. However, desalination by means of reverse osmosis or evaporation is expensive and not at all energy efficient. Not to mention the fact that the desalinated water has to be re-mineralized to make it suitable for consumption.

Surface water is the most sustainable drinking water option
Dutch Clean Tech’s installations use fresh surface water from rivers or lakes as a source to produce drinking water. This is the most sustainable option. Especially if people maintain the water balance by discharging properly treated sewage and industrial wastewater back into surface water or use it for irrigation.

To prepare drinking water from surface water, we dose chemicals to bond small colloidal particles, which subsequently precipitate. The clarified water then passes through a rapid sand filter, after which it is disinfected and chlorinated. This technology is widely known and has been used for more than a century.

Advantages drinking water solution

Dutch Clean Tech- drinking water solutions

We provide modular drinking water treatment units that can be installed in remote areas and in rapidly expanding cities. Plug and play, heavy-duty and easy to operate. The units are skid-mounted, compact, self-contained and can be installed quickly without complex equipment. In addition, the modular concept allows for flexible scaling up.

We have developed standard sizes for our drinking water production and sewage treatment plants for additionally:
• 5.000 inhabitants
• 10.000 inhabitants
• 20.000 inhabitants
• 50.000 inhabitants
• 100.000 inhabitants
Because of the modular design, we can quickly scale up the capacity.

Dutch Clean Tech also provides full-size plants for larger communities, following our modular concept that allows for phased investment. One of the unique features of our drinking water treatment plants is that they are 75% smaller than conventional treatment plants, like the clariflocculator design.

Designing and building a water treatment plant is a complex job that should not be underestimated. Dutch Clean Tech is a leading international expert in this field, with more than 55 years of experience to prove it. We supply advanced, sustainable and smart plants that always perform.

As far back as the 1970s, we supplied numerous drinking water and sewage treatment plants in Asia, Africa and Europe. In addition, we have been providing industrial water treatment plants to clients around the world. It is an advantage that we once started in the oil and gas industry. In terms of water purification, that’s the Champions League; everything must meet the highest standards. 

As a basis we use well-known technologies and processes that have been proven in practice over decades. We combine these well-known technologies with innovative and smart solutions to make them state-of-the-art.