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Why clean water?

Chance at a better life

Dutch Clean Tech is a long-standing international business from The Netherlands, with a proud history of ground-breaking inventions. That means that we pass on our knowledge and experience from generation to generation. Moreover, we have a long-term view on investments, relationships and innovation.

Since 1962, we have supplied bespoke and tailor-made water treatment plants to industrial customers around the world, accumulating a wealth of experience and know-how. It is now time to make a difference with our water cleaning technology, contributing to a better world.

bringing dreams to life

We have been working in countries all over the world for decades. Also in countries where the majority of the people are poor and lack basic needs, such as clean water. We started dreaming how nice it would be to supply all these people with clean water and proper sanitary facilities, including a smart and fair financing model. With the establishment of Dutch Clean Tech, our dream has come true.

It is our fundamental belief that everyone should always have access to clean water and decent sanitary facilities. We are able to make this happen, with smart clean water solutions, for communities everywhere. Plug-and-play, scalable and made affordable in a unique way. Our solutions can change lives and bring communities together, for around $3 per person per month.

Dutch Clean Tech-bringing dreams to life
why clean water solutions

changing lives

Why clean water is important

Safe drinking water and good sanitary solutions are essential for a healthy and comfortable life. Unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t have access to these basic needs. In many areas, sewage systems are nowhere near sufficient. Too many people must go outdoors or even travel for hours each day for their water supply. To these people, having easy and affordable safe drinking water is life-changing and a chance for a better life.

Care for others

Being an international family business with a can-do attitude, it is in our DNA to care for others and always look for opportunities to have a positive impact on our society at large. That is why we work so hard on bringing smart clean water solutions to communities everywhere. With plug-and-play systems that are affordable and low maintenance. We offer communities job opportunities and a chance for a better life. Simply by providing affordable, indoor, safe drinking water.

Our proof

Clean water for around $3 per month per person.

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Dutch Clean Tech-About us
Why clean water

Connecting communities

Dutch Clean Tech wants to bring people together by offering mutually beneficial opportunities.

In developing countries people need clean water, but often there is not enough money to invest. In the West there is more than enough money, and people are facing persistently low interest rates and rapidly increasing inflation.

Dutch Clean Tech connects these communities. Dutch private investors finance the installations supplied by Dutch Clean Tech to provide people in other parts of the world with clean water solutions.

Local content
We work with local contractors and builders to construct the water treatment plants, thus stimulating local economies. Moreover we employ local people for operation and maintenance. We offer them an education and a job with a fair salary.

Pioneering role on clean water

clean water on the social agenda

Dutch Clean Tech offers the installations on the basis of ‘pay for use and not for ownership’. We supply compact and modular drinking water production facilities and sewage treatment plants. This way large groups of people have immediate access to basic needs.

Unlike donations and subsidy projects, our business model works. It works because all parties involved have a mutually beneficial interest.

Pioneering clean water solutions
Dutch Clean Tech wants to be a pioneer, putting clean water on the social agenda and inspiring other companies to follow.

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