Water is the source of life. All of us need it to drink, to cook and to wash. Logical, right? But many of us still don’t realize that we are extremely close to water scarcity. And that will have an impact on all of us. Imagine that you open the tap, and nothing happens. Water is one of the key Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These goals have to be implemented before 2030. We have only a few years left. That’s why more and more countries declare water as a matter of national urgency and priority.

Dutch Clean Tech at OMAS
Last week Dutch Clean Tech was present at the annual congress of OMAS in Antigua, Guatemala, to talk about water problems. And not only to talk about these problems but also to offer the solution. And this is extremely important because 90% of all wastewater in Guatemala is discharged untreated. Most rivers and lakes are severely polluted.

Launching market Guatamala 
We spoke with representatives of ministries, with mayors and with other authorities. It was fantastic to learn that the Guatemalan people are committed to cleaning their rivers and lakes. Guatemala is one of our launching markets and becomes a regional center to cater to other countries. Guatemala will be a forerunner in solving global problems. An example in the world.

Ready to start
We are ready to bring our technology, investment and expertise. Let’s start cleaning up our rivers and lakes. So that our children can swim there again. So that we can fish there again. So that we create a sustainable future for generations to come. That is our duty. There’s no point in waiting. Just hoping a solution will present itself. We have done that for too long already.

We must act now
The time of talking about the problem and waiting for solutions has passed. There is no excuse for not starting today. There is no excuse for not doing this. There is no excuse for letting this problem run out of hand. We must act now and solve this real problem with a real solution for real people.

This can be our legacy.

Watch our CEO talking at this great event OMAS